Really Really Short Review: One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews


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Really Really Short Review: One Fell Sweep by Ilona AndrewsOne Fell Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles, #3) by Ilona Andrews
Series: Innkeeper Chronicles #3
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on December 21st 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasty
Pages: 332

Gertrude Hunt, the nicest Bed and Breakfast in Red Deer, Texas, is glad to have you. We cater to particular kind of guests, the ones most people don’t know about. The older lady sipping her Mello Yello is called Caldenia, although she prefers Your Grace. She has a sizable bounty on her head, so if you hear kinetic or laser fire, try not to stand close to the target. Our chef is a Quillonian. The claws are a little unsettling, but he is a consummate professional and truly is the best chef in the Galaxy. If you see a dark shadow in the orchard late at night, don’t worry. Someone is patrolling the grounds. Do beware of our dog.
Your safety and comfort is our first priority. The inn and your host, Dina Demille, will defend you at all costs. We ask only that you mind other guests and conduct yourself in a polite manner.


This made me so happy!! One Fell Sweep was a perfect example of why I enjoy Ilona (and Gordon) Andrews so much!

First, there’s fantastic characters. Dina is still amazing and brave and I love seeing her character grow. I’m 100% invested in Dina’s happiness.

Yes, the princess you were expecting put on her armor and left to kill the dragon. So sorry.

We also got an introduction to Dina’s sister Maud, whom I love for causing some chaos to Arland, who’s still pretty hilarious and arrogant. And Dina’s niece, Helen who’s beyond adorable and sassy. And Sean is baaaack! He’s playing up the strong silent type in the book but when he turns on the charm, gah. Of course Gertrude Gang is all there, too! Basically ever character is interesting, ha.

Second, there’s such a unique and intriguing story! When Dina takes in a guest of a certain species, it leads to the Inn being under siege. It was such an intense and heartbreaking and heartwarming story.

And third, this lead to a ton of awesome epic action!

Fourth, I finally got all the cuteness with Dina and Sean. They made me so happy. There’s banter and awkwardness and ridiculously adorable flirting. I just loved the build up and romance so much!

A few seconds passed.
“I’m an idiot,” Sean said. He sounded resign.
“No,” I told him. “You’re my wolf.”

And lastly, everything is sprinkled with a big pinch of snarky and hilarious humour.

“Will you take this seriously? The future of an entire species is at stake.”
“Yes, we’re going to save them with a fart gun.”

Overall, this book just swept me away into an amazing universe that I never want to leave. This was a fantastic addition to the series, with a sorta standalone story that wraps up along with building the bigger overall arc of the chronicles. I definitely am looking forward to more of the gang at Gertrude Inn.

“Aw,” Maud said. “He brought a High Energy Liquid Laser to protect you. Twue love.:
“Shut,” I told her.

And Quotes!

I’m no poet. I’m a soldier. So, I’ll just tell you the way it is, as clumsy as it sounds. When I first saw you, it was like being thrown from a shuttle before it touched the ground. I fell and when I landed, I felt it in every cell of my body. You disturbed me. You took away my inner peace. You left me drifting. I wanted you right there. Them as I learned more of you, I wanted you even more. You want me too. I’ve seen it in your eyes. You taught me the meaning of loneliness, because when I don’t see you, I feel alone. You may reject me, you may deny yourself, and if you choose to not accept me, I will abide be your decision. But know that there will never be another one like you for me and one like me for you. We both waited years so we could meet.


“It’s a lovely day and we’re under siege. People are trying to murder us.” Her eyes shone with excitement. “Isn’t it marvelous?”


“Chicks dig a man of mystery.”
“You don’t say.”
“You know what else chicks dig?”
“Subatomic vaporizers?”
“And werewolves. Chicks really dig werewolves.”

About Ilona Andrews

Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team. author2sm“Ilona is a native-born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the U.S. Army. Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him. They met in college, in English Composition 101, where Ilona got a better grade. (Gordon is still sore about that.)

Gordon and Ilona currently reside in Oregon with their two children, three dogs and a cat. They have co-authored two series, the bestselling urban fantasy of Kate Daniels and romantic urban fantasy of The Edge.


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  1. So glad you liked this ever bit as much as I did. It really is a fun series, I hope you like the others as well!

    1. So muc fun! Definitely can’t wait for more!

  2. Yes…I loved the cuteness too. This was a stellar read with so much happening and of course I want more!

    1. I’m so excited for more! This series has definitely been rocking it!

  3. Dangit. I have got to start this series of theirs. They really are so fun 😀

    1. Yes, you do! I just think this one is so creative! Hope you enjoy them!!

  4. I am so glad that you enjoyed this one. It is such a great series!

    1. I’m glad, too 🙂 totally loving this series!

  5. This one sounds interesting and I have heard good things about the authors. Great review!

    1. Thanks! It’s definitely worth checking out! I think it’s just so creative!

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