Review: Falling Into Bed With a Duke by Lorraine Heath

Review: Falling Into Bed With a Duke by Lorraine HeathFalling Into Bed with a Duke (The Hellions of Havisham, #1) by Lorraine Heath
Series: The Hellions of Havisham #1
Published by Avon on October 27th 2015
Genres: Historical, Historical Romance, Regency, Romance
Pages: 372
Source: Edelweiss

In the first in a dazzling new series, New York Times bestselling author Lorraine Heath introduces the Hellions of Havisham—three charismatic rogues destined to lose their hearts...

After six unsuccessful Seasons, Miss Minerva Dodger chooses spinsterhood over fortune-hungry suitors. But thanks to the Nightingale Club, she can at least enjoy one night of pleasure. At that notorious establishment, ladies don masks before choosing a lover. The sinfully handsome Duke of Ashebury is more than willing to satisfy the secretive lady's desires—and draws Minerva into an exquisite, increasingly intimate affair.

A man of remarkable talents, Ashe soon deduces that his bedmate is the unconventional Miss Dodger. Intrigued by her wit and daring, he sets out to woo her in earnest. Yet Minerva refuses to trust him. How to court a woman he has already thoroughly seduced? And how to prove that the passion unleashed in darkness is only the beginning of a lifetime's pleasure?


Another awesome (new) series by Lorraine Heath with some old and new lovely characters!

Heath always write such awesome heroines. I really loved Minerva (she was great in previous books)! Rather than enter a loveless marriage, Minerva chooses spinsterhood, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want one night of passion. With a mask and a new name, she meets the charming Duke of Ashebury and sparks fly. I love that Minerva is bold and independent but still has her little imperfections. Her uncertainties about her womanly wiles make her endearing.

The first time happens only once, Lady V. Be a little in love with him.

The chemistry between Ashe and Minerva was very cute. They’re flirty and adorable. I always have to wonder a bit about a guy when he seemly falls for two girl at once (in this case, Minerva and her alter-ego Lady V). That being said, Ashe does good! Ashe is your handsome duke with a tragic past and it’s fun seeing him get hit by love.

“You’ve fallen in love with her.”

“No, no, I just -” He spun around, paced three steps one way, three the other. It was just that he adored her. Every inch. From the top of her head, to the tips of her toes, inside and out. He adored the challenge of her. He adored the times when he was her. He liked talking to her, listening to her opinions. He liked that she had opinions. He liked everything about her, even her stubborn belief that she deserved a man who loved her.

And for the most part, I liked him expect for the fact that he did one thing kinda stupid thing. Misunderstandings ensue. Thankfully, it’s resolved fairly quickly. My only complaint with this book is the resolution/ending of the book was a bit abrupt.

Overall, it was a fun and cute romance with characters that I can’t help but love. I like that this story was a little different than your typical romance. That it’s not just about the seducing, but about the courting. And I liked that there were appearances from characters from the previous books!

Oh and I can’t wait for more of this series. Edward (Ashe’s friend) is quite the jester and I’m excited to see him fall in love.

He glanced around before leaning in, and whispering, “Once I posed nude.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “I think you’re embellishing.”

“Well, I was nude beneath my clothes.”

{* Thanks to Avon and Edelweiss for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


About Lorraine Heath

Lorraine Heath has always had a soft spot for emotional love stories. No doubt because growing up, watching movies with her mom, she was taught that the best movies "won't half make you cry."

She is the daughter of a British beauty (her mom won second place in a beauty contest sponsored by Max Factor® during which she received a kiss from Caesar Romero--Joker on the original Batman TV series) and a Texan who was stationed at Bovingdon while serving in the air force. Lorraine was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, but soon after moved to Texas. Her "dual" nationality has given her a love for all things British and Texan, and she enjoys weaving both heritages through her stories.

When she received her BA degree in psychology from the University of Texas, she had no idea she had gained a foundation that would help her to create believable characters—characters that are often described as “real people.” Her novels have appeared on bestseller lists, including USA Today, Waldenbooks, and most recently, the New York Times

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  1. Oooh how exciting. I’m excited to read this one!

    1. Hope you enjoy it, Eirene! It’s cute 🙂

  2. Nice review! It’s weird when people fall in love with alter-egos, but I guess that just shows how much they love that person, no matter who they… are? IT’S KIND OF CONFUSING HAHA, but works for me! The quotes you added were sooo cute, ahhh I love these kinds of historical romances. <3

    1. Yeah, I find it a bit weird too, but very true, haha.
      It’s a pretty cute, I highly recommend it (:

  3. i will be reading this one sometime this week for a tour stop…you have me excited!!!

  4. This cover always made me think she was pregnant, given how the dress billows. I had to squint really closely at the screen to dispel this thought. 😀 I am so glad that you loved this one, Cyn! I’ve not read any of the author’s books, but I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz surrounding her name. Fabulous review!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Oooh, yeah I can kinda see it. It kind of reminds me of that one painting where she looks pregnant but it’s just the dress, haha.
      Oh I highly recommend Lorraine Heath! Definitely worth checking her out!
      Thanks, Alyssa!

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