Review: Lost and Found by Nicole Williams

Lost and Found - Nicole WilliamsPublisher: Createspace (May 7th 2013)
Paperback: 353 pages
Series: Lost and Found #1
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Rating: 3.5/4 of 5 stars

There’s complicated. And there’s Rowen Sterling.

After numbing pain for the past five years with boys, alcohol, and all-around apathy, she finds herself on a Greyhound bus to nowhere Montana the summer after she graduates high school. Her mom agreed to front the bill to Rowen’s dream art school only if Rowen proves she can work hard and stay out of trouble at Willow Springs Ranch. Cooking breakfast at the crack of dawn for a couple dozen ranch hands and mucking out horse stalls are the last things in the world Rowen wants to spend her summer doing.

Until Jesse Walker saunters into her life wearing a pair of painted-on jeans, a cowboy hat, and a grin that makes something in her chest she’d thought was frozen go boom-boom. Jesse’s like no one else, and certainly nothing like her. He’s the bright and shiny to her dark and jaded.

Rowen knows there’s no happily-ever-after for the golden boy and the rebel girl—happily-right-now is a stretch—so she tries to forget and ignore the boy who makes her feel things she’s not sure she’s ready to feel. But the more she pushes him away, the closer he seems to get. The more she convinces herself she doesn’t care, the harder she falls.

When her dark secrets refuse to stay locked behind the walls she’s kept up for years, Rowen realizes it’s not just everyone else she needs to be honest with. It’s herself.



Obligatory cute cowboy picture.

I never really cared that much for cowboys. I think this book might have changed my mind.

Rowen Sterling, city girl and self-proclaimed freak with a dysfunctional (actually, in my opinion, horrible) mom, is thrust into middle of no-where cow country with the cutest wholesomest family, which includes one Jesse Walker, hot cowboy (hat & painted-on jeans included) and sweetest guy ever. They’re basically the exact opposite of each other. Rowan, is the bitter, slightly self-destructive and rebelling girl who see’s the glass half empty. Jesse is the golden boy, with the 1000-watt smile and seemingly unending optimism. Definitely not the type of guy Rowen is attracted too, but fact is: no one can resist the Jesse Walker charm. He’s so ridiculously caring and considerate and just such a sweetie. Rowen has a lot of issues to work through and pretty adorable watching Jesse slowly chip away at her heart of ice. They have such cute moments, with Jesse’s witty comments and Rowen’s sassy comebacks. They also have some sizzling chemistry to boot.

I also love the relationship that Rowen builds with Rose.

“Every morning we get a chance to be different. A chance to change. A chance to be better. Your past is your past. Leave it there. Get on with the future part, honey.”

Definitely some good life lessons. Actually, I quite like all her new friendships that she build there, no matter how kinda strange they were. Josie, who’s Jesse’s ex, is quite adorable with her girl next door personal and scary driving. She ends up becomes great friends with Rowen, despite their opposite personalities. I like the Josie doesn’t let Rowen’s anti-social scare her away and basically force them to friends haha. Heck, even Rowen’s weird sorta-frienemy relationship with Garth Black, all around tortured bad-ass, was intriguing and actually ended up being good for each other.

There were a few moments that had me a tad frustrated with the angst but thankfully that’s usually balanced out with some cute moments. Overall, Lost and Found was fun and enjoyable. It has such cute and memorable characters, with a sweet story that it’ll easily leave you smiling. If you’re in need of light, sugary read with a hot cowboy, a sassy girl and some chemistry, this is probably the book for you.

“I see the real you, Rowen,” he said at last, tucking his chin over my shoulder. “And I like who you are.” 

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  1. Sounds like a cute romance book, I’ve never been into cowboys but this one sounds like a nice romance. Great review!

    1. It is (: I’m not usually for cowboys either but hot damn these ones haha. Thanks Jeann!

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