Review: Overqualified by Joey Comeau

Publisher: ECW (April 1, 2009)
Paperback:  144 pages
Rating: of 5 stars

Cover letters are all the same. They’re useless. You write the same lies over and over again, listing the store-bought parts of yourself that you respect the least. God knows how they tell anyone apart, but this is how it’s done.

And then one day a car comes out of nowhere, and suddenly everything changes and you don’t know if he’ll ever wake up. You get out of bed in the morning, and when you sit down to write another paint-by-numbers cover letter, something entirely different comes out.

You start threatening instead of begging. You tell impolite jokes. You talk about your childhood and your sexual fantasies. You sign your real name and you put yourself honestly into letter after letter and there is no way you are ever going to get this job. Not with a letter like this.

And you send it anyway.


Overqualified was  a tiny little book full of cover letters. I remember talking about this book to my friend. It came at the perfect time. I was sending out resumes and cover letters of my own, and I understood the misery that goes into making a socially acceptable one. That’s part of what made this such a fun read, because he wrote about nonsense and life and all the things you don’t want in a real cover letter.

A strangely depressing but uplifting book, as you read, you realize that life goes on. No matter what stuff life may throw at you, things continue to move forward. Relationships change, jobs change, lives lost, but that doesn’t stop the world from turning. The random bits of humor, and downright craziness, here and there helps to balance the underlying lament and sadness the author has inserted.

Not my typical read, but definitely something to check out.


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