Review: The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne

Review: The Duke by Kerrigan ByrneThe Duke (Victorian Rebels, #4) by Kerrigan Byrne
Series: Victorian Rebels #4
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on February 7th 2017
Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
Pages: 384
Source: Edelweiss
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He is noble, notorious, and takes no prisoners...
They say that now His Grace, Collin Talmage, Duke of Trenwyth has only one hand, he might finally be a mere mortal, but no one seems willing to test the theory. Rich as Midas, big as a Viking, beautiful as Adonis, and lethal as a feral wolf, he is the English Empire’s golden son. But now he’s lost everything. Most of his family died in a terrible accident, his protégé and closest friend betrayed him on the battlefield, and his left hand was cut off while he was a prisoner of war. The only thing that’s kept him going until now is the memory of a night spent in the arms of a mysterious raven-haired woman almost a year ago…
Imogen Pritchard is a nurse by day, but a fallen woman—and a spy—by night. Seduced on the job years ago by a Duke who mourned for the loss of his family, Imogen has never shaken the memory of the man’s despair—or the fathomless depths of pleasure he brought to her. But as the threat of betrayals, blackmail, and secrets abound, Imogen and Collin are thrown back together in a dizzying swirl of dangerous games and earthshattering desire. But can their love overcome the everything that threatens to tear them apart?


I was definitely excited for more Victorian Rebel because it usually means an intense story with some great characters. While I enjoyed this one, I’m also a little sad to say it kind of lacked depth in comparison to the rest of the series. The story does a couple time jumps, it starts when Imogen, our heroine, first meets Colin (aka Cole), the Duke of Trenwyth and has one magical night with him, to two years later were they’re lives re-intertwine in an unexpected manner.

Okay, I do love love Imogen. She worked as a nurse during the day and a bar wench (in disguise) at night to help keep her family safe. The universe was definitely unkind but Imogen was so deserving of a happy ending. Let me tell you, Imogen should of gotten an award for having to deal with a stupid Cole (and the amount of misogynist bull crap in general by men). I’m glad Imogen keeps her held high and doesn’t back down.

“It would take nothing to destroy you.” He tightened his fingers ever so slightly, and the telltale jump of her pulse belied her unwavering audacity.

“Better men than you have tried,” she remonstrated, her eyes blazing green with a maelstrom of her own primitive emotions. “Yet here I stand.”

Cole. Oh Cole. Yes, he had a ridiculously terrible two years, heck the man lost his hand on top of torture during the war! So I get that he’s holding on to a shining beacon of joy (aka. Imogen as Ginny during their one night together). But I was frustrated by Cole’s attitude towards Imogen when they encountered years later. Cole does manage to somewhat redeem himself, so there is that.

I did enjoy the chemistry between Cole and Imogen. They fight because they don’t know what to do with all the tension, ha. And they do have a few pretty cute moments too.

Abruptly, she pulled away. “Where is everyone?”

His brow furrowed with confounded indignation, lips wet and hard above her as e processed her words between panting breaths of mounting lust. “You interrupted what was possibly the best kiss in the history of the empire to ask such a question,” he said tightly.

She loved this arrogant, grumpy beast with all her heart.

This story definitely focused more on the romance and wasn’t quite as dark as the previous book. There’s still a good about of suspense and action, but less espionage than you would expect. I did love the return of our previous couples and their part in the story.

Overall it was a good story but didn’t quite blow me away. I struggled in some parts, but in the end it was an enjoyable story with a great heroine and a hero that does redeem himself. I still look forward to more in this series.

{* Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and Edelweiss for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

About Kerrigan Byrne

If you're anything like me, the best night is one spent with a brawny highlander, a mysterious werewolf, a conflicted vampire, or a hot-headed Irishman. My stories span the spectrum of romantic fiction from historical, to paranormal, to romantic suspense. But I can always promise my readers one thing: memorable and sexy Celtic heroes who are guaranteed to heat your blood before they steal your heart. Lose yourself in the enchanted Celtic Isles, you never know who, or what, will find you...


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  1. ugh nooo.. how disappointing, I was actually looking forward to this one >.< oh well, maybe i won't mind the lack of depth , the romance in itself can be an okay

  2. Ooh, I haven’t heard much about Kerrigan Byrne or the Victorian Rebels series, but it definitely sounds up my alley! It’s too bad that this one wasn’t as good as the others in the series, but I’m definitely still going to check out the first book and see what I think. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this one quite a bit but like you not like I have the previous books. I did enjoy the way this author takes the story though.

  4. Bummer you didn’t completely get into this one. I want to read this series eventually. Ha, great quote pick there at the end.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it even if it didn’t blow you away. Great review!!

  6. Glad to see you still enjoyed it even if it wasn’t as powerful a read as the earlier ones. I guess it’s a good thing I passed on this one. I’ll definitely try one of her earlier ones out, though 🙂

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