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Hello, Jackie here,

Happy Easter! It’s really weird that Easter is in March this year because usually the Easter holiday is around April. But anyways this week has been a slow-ish week at work which is surprising because the librarians are moving around a lot of stuff and you’d think it’d be chaotic with the changes but actually it’s hasn’t been. It’s nice to have some down times though because we’re usually busy. I’ve also had a slow reading week, mainly because of knitting. It’s hard to find a balance between hobbies.


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✖ Forever 1!??!!?

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1. [reread] Incarnate by Jodi Meadows: 5 of 5 stars

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1. Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Author: Jackie

10 Replies to “Sunday Post (160) / Stacking the Shelves (140)”

  1. Literary Feline says: Reply

    I hope you have a Happy Easter! It does feel weird that it’s in March this year. It slowed down in my office this past week too. Next week will be busier, no doubt, but I’m hoping not by too much. Have a great week!

  2. I know what you mean about it being weird Easter is in March! I’m a Brownie leader and we stick to terms so it’s really thrown me off! Happy Easter! Have a great week and happy reading!

    Laura @

  3. It is definitely weird about Easter being in March, especially since we got snow today! Not a lot, and it’s not sticking, but still! Glad you liked Incarnate. And I need to get ahold of Rebel of the Sands as well!
    Check out my Sunday Post

  4. I agree, it’s hard to find a balance between hobbies! I haven’t done much reading because of moving, but I tend to have the hobby balance issue all the time too. I hope you have a happy easter 🙂

  5. I’m catching up on my blog reading and can’t wait to get to your review of The Study of Seduction. I love Sabrina Jeffries! It always throws me off when Easter is in March but that’s good that this week wasn’t to crazy. Have a great week!

  6. I wish they would make Easter roughly about the same time, the school holidays here in Scotland are all over the place because of it.

    I wish I could knit, I have tried several times and I am hopeless at it!

    Have a good week!

  7. I agree. Even though spring break just happened, I did need a little extra time. The boyfriend kept making comments that Easter is supposed to be in April, too. I hope yours was good!

  8. I always enjoy the slower weeks at work. Currently its kinda crazy, with end of semester closing in. I agree about balance with hobbies. Especially when life can get crazy at times. Its why I try to focus my weekends to fit in some time with hobbies I have. So that I can relax and have some personal time.

  9. I need to get back to my knitting / crocheting. I have so many unfinished projects! You’re right. It is hard to balance hobbies. Hopefully you’ll figure out how, and pass the advice on to me 🙂 Have a great week!

  10. I know what you mean about all the hobbies going on, sometimes it’s hard to slow down and just focus on one lol! Hope you had a lovely Easter and break Jackie.

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