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Hello, Jackie here,

It feels a bit liberating to set my Goodreads challenge goal to 17 books this year (17 because you know it’s 2017…although I’m still writing 2016 whenever I leave notes for my supervisor at work. Oops!). Though I had been contemplating if I should’ve just set it at 100 like each year and read as many as I can instead. I quite like the challenge of 100, but I hate it when I fail a challenge because I was distracted or in a book slump. Anyways, I’m slowly making my way through season 4 of Sherlock because I don’t want this show to end. I’m having a bit mixed feels about this season though, but after episode 2 Mrs. Hudson is, no doubt, my favorite character. She’s definitely not a housekeeper or your average landlady considering the way she puts up with Sherlock. Chinese New Year is next weekend and I’m looking forward to the day off from work by eating all the delicious foods and receiving red envelopes from family and relatives. Hope you have a wonderful Chinese New Year if you’re celebrating.


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1. The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan: 3 of 5 stars
2. With Malice by Eileen Cook: 3 of 5 stars

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1. Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth
2. Take the Key and Lock Her Up by Ally Carter

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13 Replies to “Sunday Post (203) / Stacking the Shelves (183)”

  1. Happy Chinese New Year!! I haven’t watched Sherlock yet but it’s on my list of shows to try… I think Netflix has it.

  2. I haven’t gotten around to watching Sherlock yet, but everyone has been telling me how great it is. I’ve been looking for a new show to binge watch on Netflix so maybe that will be my next one. There are so many that I want to try!

  3. Husband and I still need to start Season 4 of Sherlock. I hate to hear that there are mixed feelings about it though. 🙁 Hope you have a great week!

    SP & STS
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  4. My dad loves the Sherlock show. He’s watching it on Netflix. I’m currently engrossed in binging The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I hope you enjoy your books! You can find my post for StS here if you’d like to stop by!

  5. This 2016/2017 switch is killing me. I think I’ve written 2016 on everything I’ve had to put a date on. I’m assuming at some point I’ll get better about this but I don’t have much hope. I haven’t started watching Sherlock yet. I have this dream of rewatching the rest of the show first but who knows if it’ll happen. The problem with Sherlock is I actually have to really watch it instead of having it in the background while I’m doing other things. Have a great week!

  6. When I signed the (late) timesheets from my UIL coaches they handed in a few weeks ago, I am positive I signed them 1/2/16. I doubt HR notices, and if they do, they know. I am still struggling with the 16-17 switch.

  7. I set my Goodreads goal at 100 this year. I usually read a lot more than that but last year I picked some longer books and had a hard time hitting the 150 goal that I set and it was stressful. I don’t want the stress of it this year. I haven’t watched Sherlock but it is on my maybe list for the future. Enjoy all of your new books!

  8. I’m still struggling to accept that it’s 2017. 2017?! How can time by flying by that quickly?

    I never set reading goals – I just find them too stressful, and I’m the sort of person who responds to stress by burrowing her head in the sand like an ostrich. 😉

  9. I just rewatched Seasons 1-3 of Sherlock, and I’ve been putting off watching Season 4. Now that all whopping 3 are out, it’s a little ridiculous to still be waiting, but I just know they’re going to end in a way that pisses me off, lol. So they continue to sit on the DVR, being ignored 😛 It is true in general, though, Mrs. Hudson is awesome. I am curious what’s special about her in episode 2 now 😉

  10. I set my challenge a little higher and panic if it shows me behind. LOL I love Sherlock too and cry each time the season ends!

  11. Happy Chinese New Year!
    Also, yes, Mrs. Hudson is totally a BAMF. I love her so much! Let me know what you think of episode 3 (I’ve got a bit of mixed feelings).
    Also also, I love that that 17 book challenge because of 2017 haha.

  12. I really want to read Carve the Mark! I’ve heard mixed things, but I loved the Divergent series, so I am just going to have to read it. 😀 Enjoy your new books!

  13. Nothing wrong with that! I’ve been making mine lower than I expect to read the last couple years and it’s nice to finish up mid-October and then see how far I can get past it 😀

    I need to try out Sherlock. I know a few ladies who are watching that right now 🙂

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