Teaser Tuesday: Stray Magic

What is teaser Tuesday? It’s a meme hosted by The Purple Booker (previously by Books and a Beat).

Grab your current read, flip to a random page, share two teaser sentences, don’t include spoilers.

Stray Magic by Kelly Meding
eBook: 336 pages
Publication date: June 19th, 2018
Publisher: Harper Voyager
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Incubi are seducers and their power lies within their ability to arouse and claim you. In order to teleport me to him, I had to want him. It was god-awful embarrassing to arrive on-scene like that, even if no one except my teammates knew.

Isn’t that a tantalizing teaser? I’ve only just started the book, but I am hooked! Today is the release day for Stray Magic!! Stray Magic is ebook only and available at all ebook retailers for $3.99 (or CAN$4.99), which is a such a good deal. If you’re interested in a new, fast-paced urban fantasy, then definitely read on to find out more about Stray Magic and Kelly Meding.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read Stray Magic (or are planning to) or have read anything by Kelly Meding. This is my first foray into her work and I’d love to know what you guys think!

Teaser Tuesday: Stray MagicStray Magic by Kelly Meding
Series: Strays #1
Published by Harper Voyager on June 19th 2018
Pages: 336
Source: Edelweiss
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Shiloh Harrison was hoping for a few days off to recover from a particularly nasty assignment, preferably with the help of the talented hands (and, well, the rest of his body too) of her sexy boyfriend, Vincent. But when a group of vampires takes an entire trailer park hostage, there’s nothing to do but make her apologies and get to the scene.

Such is the life of a Federal Marshal in the Paranormal Investigators Unit.

Yet this isn’t like her typical track-and-nab case: something is going on that has vampires scared, and it takes all her strength not to imagine what could frighten such powerful creatures. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have that option. Her boss is MIA, someone is snatching vampires, and there’s a ticking clock that can only end one way: a bloodbath.

Unless she can stop it.

About Kelly Meding

Born and raised in Southern Delaware, Kelly Meding survived five years in the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia, only to retreat back to the peace and sanity of the Eastern Shore. An avid reader and film buff, she discovered Freddy Krueger at a very young age, and has since had a lifelong obsession with horror, science fiction, and fantasy, on which she blames her interest in vampires, psychic powers, superheroes, and all things paranormal.

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