Top Ten of 2017: Best Book Boyfriends of 2017

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So today’s topic is Top Ten Best Book Boyfriends. So these are the guys who are the swoon-worthy ones and the world would probably be a better place if only they were real kinda guys haha. So in no particular order, a bunch of charming gentlemen. Please be warn, some of the quotes might be a tad spoiler-ish.


(1) Words in Deep Blue: Henry

“Not very scientific,” I say.

“Sometimes science isn’t enough. Sometimes you need the poets,” he says, and i’s in this moment, this exact moment, that I fall in love with him again.

(2) The Upside of Unrequited: Reid

He pulls out his phone, scrolling up through the messages. “Let’s see. Here’s the part where I said kissing you was the best  thing that ever happened to my mouth. Here’s where I said you were better than Mini Eggs. Better than Mini Eggs, Molly.”

(3) The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue: Percy

“You’re still daft.”

“Are you complaining?”

“No,” he says, giving a quick tug on my sleeve that turns into his fingers pressed into my palm in a way that makes me weak int he knees. “I sort of love it.”

(4) Alex, Approximately: Porter

“You’ve fallen for me, huh?”

“Maybe.” I hold up m fingers and measure a small amount. “This much.”

“That’s it? Guess I’m going to have to try harder. then,” he says in a low voice against lips, almost kissing me, but not quite.

(5) The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You: Ben

“I see you every day. It’s not the makeup.” He reached over tentatively and lifted my chin. His fingers shook, just a little. “Your eyes really are gray, aren’t they? I thought they were blue, but they’re almost silver.”

“Very low melanin levels,” I said, faltering.

“You gorgeous mutant.” A smile wobbled across his face.

(6) Devil in Spring: Gabriel

“You’re not worried about principles.” Gabriel leaned closer, crowding her gently back against the column. His taunting whisper curled in her right ear like a wisp of smoke. “You’re worried that you might do something naughty with me and enjoy it.”

(7) About That Kiss: Joe

“He’s bossy.” She tossed up her hands. “And okay, maybe just a little bit really hot and sexy.” She strained to think of more insults to cancel out the hot and sexy but realized that suddenly every one of her friends had gotten an identical funny look on their face. Crap. “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

“Yup,” Willa said cheerfully.

(8) The Duchess Deal: Ash

She smiled. “Do you know, I suspected you were a good man, deep down. Even if very, very, very deep down. In a fathomless cavern. Underneath a volcano.”

(9) The Girl with the Make Believe Husband: Edward

“You need a rest.”

“A kiss first.”


He mocked her tone to perfection. “Cecilia”

Her mouth fell open. “Are you making puppy eyes at me?”

“Is it working?”

Yes. “No.”

(10) White Hot/Wildfire: Rogan (not a real dragon)

“I can be a good dragon, when the occasion requires it.”


I pretend to mull it over. “Promise not to break any buildings.”
He gave me his most polite dragon smile. “I promise.”

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  1. Reid and Porter are definitely great book bfs!! I loved them so much!

  2. Great picks. I love Porter and I really want ti read Gentlemans guide.

  3. I love this list! I read my first Jill Shavis book this year and I need to read more!

    Also love Reid and Percy! <3

  4. OMG Cyn!! You listed so many of my favorites. I LOVED Gabriel in Devil in Spring, he was so SEXY and my favorite hero of the whole year. Such a solid book boyfriend. I loved the quotations you shared though, makes me want to re read all my favorites hehe

  5. Haven’t read any of these, but I love how you put quotes! That’s the best way. You can check out my top boyfriends HERE.

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