Top Ten of 2017: Books I Meant to Read But Didn’t in 2017

It’s that time of year again! Thanks to Rachel @ Fiktshun, Jaime @ Two Chicks on Books, Nancy  & Christy@ Tales of a Ravenous Reader, Bridget @ Dark Faerie Tales , Fallon @ Seeing Double in Neverland and Take Me Away to a Great Read hosting the TOP TEN OF 2017!

So today’s topic is Books I Meant to Read But Didn’t in 2017 (Readers/Bloggers choice of best); So I thought I would change up the blogger’s choice of best with a list of books I didn’t read, ha.

Every year there’s always too many books to read despite having intentions to hit all the ones I really want, so here’s the top ten books that were released this year that I had every intention of reading, but didn’t/haven’t gotten to (because sometimes I’m a failure and sometimes the year just flies by and I’m not ready).


There’s still technically a few days until 2018, so I might get one or two of these in before than…but yeaaaah, hopefully next year?

Let me know what books you really really meant to read but didn’t! And link me up to your list!

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9 Replies to “Top Ten of 2017: Books I Meant to Read But Didn’t in 2017”

  1. I read two of those (Warcross, The Names They Gave Us – both excellent), and I hope to read Daniel Tate and Tower of Dawn. I actually have ToD, but I think I am avoiding it largeness. Ha!

  2. Here Lies Daniel Tate is one I meant to read as well. I did love The Names They Gave Us and THUG though. Hope you get to these!!

  3. Ooh, THUG and The Names They Gave Us are both huge favorites of mine this year! I hope you get to them soon. I really wanted to start the Lady Helen series this year, but it just didn’t happen– hopefully I can get to both Dark Days Club and Dark Days Pact next year!

  4. The names they gave us was high up my TBR and I just never got to it. I frickin love that cover as well.

  5. The Hate U Give was totally on my list for this year, but I didn’t get to it. I will though! You have some others on my TBR list, although I knew I wouldn’t get to them in 2017. Today I posted about my favorite YA contemporaries from this year. You can check them out HERE.

  6. I started The Dark Days Pact then forgot about it.

  7. The Hate U Give was also on my list for the year as well. Hopefully I will get to it in 2018

  8. I have a lot of books I wanted to get to but didn’t get a chance too! I think it happens to all book addicts. 🙂

  9. This category is amazing and I wish I would’ve thought of it! xD Renegades is also on my list, actually, lol

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