Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who I Would Totally Want To Be For Halloween

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My reasons:

  1. Sabriel – Because I want to be an amazing, BAMF Abhorsen who maintains order and puts the dead to rest!
  2. Luna Lovegood – The quirkiest, most interesting character ever.
  3. Hermoine Granger – I identified with her so much as a kid. A rule follower with bushy hair and a love for books? So me.
  4. Penguin – This is the cutest, and really? It’s a penguin!
  5. Amelia Bedelia – She’s the most literal maid ever with disastrous results, except when it comes to her baking.
  6. Cinder – Kickass cyborg with a destiny that will change the world? Yes, please.
  7. Anna – Epic ghost! I wish to be that epic if I were a ghost.
  8. Sophie – I love the book and the movie. <3
  9. Waldo – He’s like a brightly dressed ninja.
  10. Meggie  – Let’s be real. Who didn’t want to have the power to be able to characters out of your favorite or yourself into one?


Author: Kim

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0 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who I Would Totally Want To Be For Halloween”

  1. Cinder really would be great to dress up as!

    1. For sure! She’s a great character, so it’d be fun too. 🙂

  2. Oh gosh, that is the BEST description for Where’s Wally I have ever read in my life. YOU GENIUS. I would be awesome at being Waldo…because seriously, where two or more people are gathered, I am NOT with them. My family has an extremely hard time dragging me anywhere to socialise. x) Amelia Bedelia brings back lots of memories. 🙂

    1. Aww, thanks. I just call ’em like I see ’em. 😉 Haha, I do the same. My family has kind of given up on me on that front. LOL.

  3. Anna!!! Or Merit from Chicagoland Vampires.
    And you can definitely make mistake with HP characters.

    1. I think Anna would be awesome for her spooky factor. 😀 And HP characters are always a win.

  4. Waldo would be a fun one, especially if you go out in a big group and constantly hide so you are barely showing in any pictures taken!

    1. Ooooh. That’s a brilliant idea. Haha, I’d be the best Waldo ever. ;D

  5. Ohhhh Cinder would be so cool. You’d have to put tin foil on your leg or something LOL

    1. The foil might be uncomfortable but so worth it! 😀

  6. Baahaha!! Cinder and Waldo are two fantastic picks!! 🙂 I hope this post.

    1. Haha, thanks! It’d be so much fun to be either of those characters. 😀

  7. I was totally thinking of going as Waldo this year, ha. It would be so much fun to go as Cinder, or Anna! I need to find a white dress and some blood red paint!

    1. Oh man. If you do Anna, text me pics! That would be so cool.

  8. I totally loved Meggie in Inkheart, and yes I would love to have her power. I love the creativity of your list today. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

    1. Pretty much my first thought when I learned about the power. It was way too cool!

  9. I love, love, love your description of Waldo! Made me smile. I totally agree with your list… and now I have 10 good ideas for next year’s costume! Here’s my TTT, which is all good Halloween reads. Happy Halloween!

    1. Haha, I’m glad my silliness made you happy too. 😀 I hope you do pick one, because they’d all be epic costumes. Happy Halloween!

  10. Dressing up as Waldo would be awesome and seems like it should be pretty easy to pull together. Have a Happy Halloween!

    1. Waldo would be such a great choice! 😀 Thanks for stopping at my Top Ten list and Happy Halloween!

  11. very cool picks! Amelia Bedelia would be so much fun!!

    1. Right??? I love it and it’s not likely to be overdone. ;D

  12. Amelia Bedeilia would be a perfect costume! I don’t remember if they were around when I was little but they’re so much fun! Waldo would be great and you’re right about the ninja thing! How can he blend in so well??

    1. I haven’t actually seen very many Amelia Bedelia costumes, ever. So it’d be fun. 😀 Waldo is such a good ninja! Other ones need to wear black, but Waldo doesn’t care and still outperforms them. Lol.

  13. OMGOSH why has it never occurred to me that Cinder would be a freaking amazing costume? Sounds like it would suit you perfectly Kim! Luna Lovegood and Hermione are popular ones I think!

    1. I’ve seen a few Cinder costumes around, and they were really cool! :Db Aw, thanks. I hope to try it for next year. Yeahhhh, popular and it’s super easy to get the necessary costume parts. ;D

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