TOP TEN of 2014: Best Book Couples of 2014

Top 10 of 2014

It’s that time of year again! Thanks to Rachel @ Reading YA Rocks, Jaime @ Two Chicks on Books,  Mindy @ Magical Urban Fantasy Reads & Nancy @ Tales of a Ravenous Reader for hosting the TOP TEN OF 2014!

So today’s topic is Top Ten Best Book Couples of 2012 (Readers/Bloggers choice of best); So up for Best (insert topic choice here by blogger) I’ve gone with the couples because I love me a good romance. Because fact is, it’s pretty easy to like characters by themselves but to actually like a pair together is another ball game haha. (Couples are from books I’ve read in 2014 and the list is just in chronological order of when I read them.) Please be warn, some of the quotes might be a tad spoiler-ish…and a lot of kissing.


1 - T10 - Couple

(01) Romancing the Duke: Isolde & Ransom

“At least kiss me good night.” […]

Stretching up on her toes, she kissed his unshaven cheek. “Good night Ransom.”

“No, no.” He drew her close, and together they wobbled back and forth. “Not what I meant. Isolde Ophelia Goodnight, kiss me. With every ounce of passion in your soul.”

“I…”Flustered, she swallowed hard. “I’m not sure I even know how.”

The quirk of his lips was shameless. “Use your imagination.”

(02) Cress: Cress & Thorne

“Thorne shuffled his feet. “You know, if it was a bad kiss, you can just say so.”

She stiffened. “That’s not at all what I … Wait. Did you think it was a bad kiss?”

“No,” he said, with an abrupt, clumsy laugh. “I thought it was … um.” He cleared his throat. “But there were clearly a lot of expectations, and a lot of pressure, and…” He squirmed in the chair. “We were going to die, you know.”

“I know.” She squeezed her knees into her chest. “And, no, it wasn’t … I didn’t think it was a bad kiss.”

“Oh, thank the stars.”

(03) The Winner’s Curse: Krestel and Arin

Arin covered his face with one floured hand and peeked at her between his fingers. “You are terrifying. Gods help me if I cross you, Kerstel.”

“You already have,” she pointed out.

“But am I your enemy?” Arin crossed the space between them. Softly, he repeated, “Am I?”

She didn’t answer. She concentrated on the feel of the table’s edge pressing into the small of her back. The table was simple and real, joined wood and nails and right corners. No wobble. No give.

“You’re not mine” Arin said.

And kissed her.

2 - T10 - Couple

(04) Stolen Songbird – Cecile & Tristan

“ ‘Now that your speech impediment has been rectified, perhaps you might say something. It would be best if it were humorous. I enjoy a good jest.’

‘You are dreadfully rude,’ I said to him.

He sighed. ‘That wasn’t the slightest bit funny.’ ”

(05) It Happened One Wedding: Sidney & Vaughn

“Are you actually using the there’s-something-on-your-lip move on me?” Sidney asked. “That has to be the oldest move in the book.”

Seriously, this one reveled in busing his balls.

He scoffed at her question. “Give me a little credit, Sinclair. Next time, I’ll let you walk around with food on your mouth.” Actually there’d been no cream cheese – it had been a move.


(06) On The Fence: Charlie & Braden

He smiled and his gaze went from eyes, to my mouth then up to my hair. He tucked a piece behind my ear. “You’re so beautiful.”

My cheeks heated. “Aren’t we suppose to do this at the fence?”

“No, I don’t want this to be in our alternate reality. I want this to be our real one. He met my lips with his.

3 - T10 - Couple

(07) Magnolia: Jemma Cafferty & Ryder Marsden

“I let the curtains fall back against the glass, effectively blocking the view of my nemesis standing there beneath the twinkle lights, looking way too hot in his charcoal-colored suit.

It would be so much easier to hate him if he didn’t look so good. And I want to hate him; I really do.”

(08) Rouge with a Brogue: Mary & Arran

“Ye were smiling like moonlight.”

“And what does moonlight look like when it smiles?” she asked deciding that talking was better than thinking.

“Mysterious, with a wee touch of magic,” he replied promptly.

(09) This Shattered World: Jubilee & Flynn

He’s just kissing me, holding me, searing me into his memory. I lean into him, making his arms tighten around me in response, and we stand there, the water quiet around our ankles, as though all of Avon is holding its breath.

4 - T10 - Couple

(10) Say Yes to the Marquess: Clio and Rafe

“You could hug me back,” she said.

At last, he surrendered to it, wreathing his strong arms around her waist and resting his chin on her head. His thumb traced comforting circles on her back, and he swayed her gently back and forth.

Oh sweet mercy. He was an excellent hugger. A true champion.

She didn’t want to ever let go.


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  1. The only one I’ve read is On The Fence but I completely agree. I LOVED Charlie & Braden! I love best friend boy next door romances. So cute!

    Best Older Books I Read in 2014

  2. Oh wasn’t Cress and Thorne perfect! Love them together!

  3. Cress and Thorne are one of my biggest ships! Hope they work out well. Haven’t read the rest of the books but what a great list 🙂

  4. Cress and Thorne are the funniest couple, loved them.

    Here’s a link to my post for top villains:

  5. I haven’t read any of I do have Romancing the Duke so I really need to read that one. 🙂 I have only read Cinder out of that one series that you listed. 🙂

  6. I’ve seen a lot of couples lists! But this one I can most relate with! Definitely agree with Cress and Thorne 😀 Some of these are still on my TBR too. Great Top 10 and Happy Holidays!

  7. Couples seem to be the popular topic of the day. I’ve only read Cress of your list. For my own post today, I posted about Best Less Known Authors/Books.

  8. YAYAYAYAY ALL THE TESSA DARE 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I love this new series by her. Soooo g
    good! And YES to Braden and Charlie and Flynn and Lee! So many great couples this year 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy holidays 🙂

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

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