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Hey guys, Jackie here,

How did March happen? It feels like February barely existed, but I’m not complaining because it means it’s almost spring. And spring means warmer weather. I miss the Californian sunshine and I’m very glad that we don’t get too humid like other countries do during the summer (summer in Japan and China is not fun, if you were ever thinking about planning to go during the summer months). Is anyone planning on watching the Beauty and the Beast live action next week? I’m not sure if I will, but I was listening to the soundtrack and I’m not too crazy about Emma Watson’s singing voice. It’s lovely at times, but I feel like she can’t sing well. Speaking of which, I just recently rewatched the animated version and it’s hard not to tear up in certain parts of the movie. I feel like as an adult rewatching all these Disney movies makes me tear up more than I did when I was watching them as a kid. I mean I almost cried while watching Toy Story 3 because how can you not especially with that kind of ending? And I’m not a crier when I watch movies. Though while I want to do a Disney movie marathon one day, I still can’t bring myself to see certain Disney films like 101 Dalmatians and The Lion King despite the fact that I can rewatch Mulan so many times without a problem.

✖ Teaser Tuesday: A Million Worlds with You
✖ “Waiting” On Wednesday: Flame in the Mist
✖ Review: How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days by Kerrelyn Sparks
✖ Review: Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton
✖ Review: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Here at Bookmunchies we believe in being surprises for the week
(aka. we procrastinate, so we can’t tell you what’s quite coming up yet).

Defending Taylor by Miranda Kenneally: 4 of 5 stars
[reread] A Gathering of of Shadows by V.E. Schwab: 5 of 5 stars
The Stranger Game by Cylin Busby: 5 of 5 stars
A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab: 5 of 5 stars


I don’t have any books this week, as I’m currently playing catch up with my reading pile now that I’ve finished A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab.

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19 Replies to “Weekly Wrap Up (02)”

  1. Oh Jackie! I also rewatched the animated B&B this week and I was singing along and basically I can’t believe I can still remember most of the lines! I am actually excited to see Beauty & the Beast next week. I know Emma Watson doesn’t have the most amazing voice, but she can sing and I feel like she is the perfect Belle. Although I should save my thoughts until after I see it. 🙂

    Also, Southern California is getting warmer! There are still a few days of rain but I am pleased to say that it hasn’t rained in about a week and it looks like it won’t rain soon. I hope. I will be visiting the Philippines in April so HUMIDITY HERE I COME!

    Oh, and a Disney marathon sounds AMAZING! I made my husband watch Moana last week. Ha ha ha

  2. Hi.. awesome books! I’m gonna check out all your five star books in the list you’ve just read. They sound awesome. Thank you for recommending them.
    I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with awesome reads. 😀

  3. Hi Jackie, I want to read Traitor to the Throne too but I will have to wait on that one. I enjoyed the first book and I’m glad to hear you liked it.

  4. Oh my goodness I cry EVERY time at Toy Story 3!! I want to see the live action Beauty and the Beast but I might wait for it to come to demand. Hope you have a great week!!

  5. I’m a huge Disney fan too. I still watch a lot of the movies, and I agree, it feels like I get teary eyed a lot more now as an adult than I did when I was a kid. What’s up with that?! lol. There are certain Disney movies that I don’t really watch over and over tho, like: Dumbo, 101 Dalmatians, etc. I just watch Moana for the first time yesterday and really liked it too. I will definitely be seeing the live action Beauty & the Beast

    I am also looking forward to some warmer weather. I’m a big sissy about the cold. The weather around here is all over the place. One day it’s super warm and sunny and then the next it’s snowing. It’s crazy!

  6. OH!! I know what I’m going to read next!!! A Gathering of Shadows it IS!!!! And for me, almost all these “Disney” films came out when I was an adult, save for Bambi and I couldn’t see that when I was a kid b/c I would have literally lost it in the theater. But I cried during Nemo, during TS3, during Tarzan (in the theater no less!!!), so I think as adults, we see the true humanity in the story. BOOM! I’ve used all my brain cells for the day. Off to sleep some more 😉

    Have a great week!

  7. Good to know. Growing up in the south I despise humidity. It makes me crabby. ::shudder:: Hope yall have a good week!

  8. I haven’t seen the Beauty and the Beast, either the animated version or the new one. But I do collect many Disney figurines, and have some Beauty and the Beast characters decorating my bookshelves.

    Enjoy your week and your new books, and thanks for sharing. I am curious about Defending Taylor.


  9. I cry watching Disney movies too. With the grandbabies we are watching old ones and new ones..plus movies like TROLLS..which I can now watch without the volume and say everyone’s lines. *hangs head* I am planning on seeing B&B next week at the movies. Have a great week Jackie.

  10. I live on the southern coast so we have lots of humidity. I’m not complaining as I’ll take it over snow any day. I still remember a bunch of the songs from the original B&B animated movie. Not sure I’ll go see this new release though.

    My Sunday Post

  11. I do want to go see B&B, but I don’t think it will happen this week unless I go alone, and I really don’t want to. I love rewatching Disney movies, and I cry at almost every single one now as an adult. To think of all the pain we put our parents through, sitting next to us and watching! I like watching The Rescuers and The Princess Frog mostly for the music. I love what they did in both, and I do enjoy the movies.

  12. I’ve never seen Mulan although I wanted to, just never got around to it somehow. And some of the Disney movies I do like to rewatch. I guess it depends on which ones. The animated Beauty & the Beast was pretty dang good so it’s hard to imagine a live action one now, but I hope it’s good?

    The weird thing for me is not only did Feb fly by but it’s almost halfway thru March already. Yikes! But yeah… spring. 🙂

    Have a great week!

  13. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the animated Beauty and the Beast. While I LOVE Belle in general, it was never a favorite of mine. YAY for loving Mulan – me too! I am excited for the live action film though. My mom and sister are both wanting to see it too so we’ll have to get our tickets soon so we can hopefully go on Saturday!


  14. oh I am pretty excited for the Beauty and the Beast film, I love Emma Watson and am curious to see how it works out. I do love the animated version though, that always makes me cry. And you are right, as I watch the films as an adult, I cry so much now. They get so emotional. Little Mermaid does that for me, as well as The Lion King. There is nothing better than those classic disney films, the newer animated ones don’t even come close to them in how good they are.

  15. I feel like I don’t have time for movies anymore with my son, but I hope I can catch Beauty and the Beast on DVD when it comes out, it does look SO good

  16. Yeah, it’s been gorgeous here in CA – Sunny and high 70’s. I probably won’t watch BatB in the theaters because I’m not THAT excited for it, but I’ll watch it eventually.

  17. So…I’m pretty much a faucet when it comes to movies, I bawl my eyes out at anything…the Toy Story movies totally had me reaching for my tissues, as does pretty much every movie…I have even been known to cry at commercials…what can I say, I’m a sap! 😉

    Also, when I think of how long ago the original Beauty and the Beast came out, I feel very, very old…! 😉

  18. LOL! Love the upcoming note. 😀 I do want to see the B&B movie and I don’t mind that she got auto-tuned in parts. I really rather her be a good actress than singer anyway. 🙂 Oh and I heard they were thinking about redoing Where the Red Fern Grows. You want to ball your eyes out? Watch that one.

  19. I might see the B&B movie but I may wait for it to come to video. I am old enough that I have only seen the Disney cartoon as an adult but I do enjoy it. Good for you for not adding books this week. I need to have a few weeks like that so that I can catch up a bit.

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