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Hey guys, Jackie here,

Hope you guys had a relaxing Fourth of July weekend. I hate fireworks. My neighborhood has been blasting all the “illegal” ones since the beginning of the month and every year after the 4th, they still blast something. It’s kind of ridiculous. Work was pretty busy, but not as busy as expected. By the time Friday came things died down a bit. I didn’t really do anything on the 4th, but just stayed home, watched movies (the new Beauty and the Beast movie), and rested my feet from going to anime expo for two days. I’m not sure if I’m going next year because the crowds was a bit intense and insane this year. But, of course that’s nothing new. Though I might just get a one day pass if that isn’t too expensive.

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[ARC] Lucky in Love by Kasie West: 2 of 5 stars


1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling [the illustrated version]: Although it was a belated birthday present, my friend got me Chamber of Secrets for my birthday this year.

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16 Replies to “Weekly Wrap Up (19)”

  1. I’ve been on vacation all week and spent it swimming, reading and watching the telly. It was great. I saw some great fireworks at a ball game and the neighbors did some too. Kind of laid back around our area this year. Which is nice. Have a wonderful day:)

    My Sunday Post

  2. We had a few neighborhood fireworks but thankfully they kept them pretty close to the 4th and didn’t keep going. Whew!

  3. So was the event fun? 🙂 I get the crowds thing, ugh. I would be terrified.
    Also, we don’t have 4th of July, of course (Europe), but they do the illegal ones through the entirety of December 😀 I don’t mind though. I like fireworks.

  4. I hate crowds! If I don’t have my partner, I end in a total panic…

    Here we celebrate Territory Day on the 1st of July and I hoped to have missed it but someone here is still blasting their fireworks and waking my sick Bubba up! Frustrating!

    I hope you have a good week!

  5. I hate the fireworks too. Last night someone in my neighborhood decided to do a whole show or something. It went on for like 45 min. My dogs aren’t really fans (they don’t freak out or anything but they bark at the noise, which is annoying).

  6. Yes, the fireworks are still happening here. Last night they set up the rest of their stash. I love the illustrated Potter books..enjoy!

  7. Thankfully, the fireworks have stopped. It was non-stop last week and my poor dog had a hard time of it. 🙁

    Anime expo sounds like a lot of fun, but yea, the crowds are something I can’t handle.

    Hope you have a great week!

  8. The neighbors started blasting fireworks two days before the Fourth! I always worry that someone will set a fire.

    Yes, I must be getting old to worry about such things that I never thought of as a kid.

    Enjoy your week, and I’m curious about the Kasie West book. I haven’t read the author, but I keep seeing her titles, and they tempt me.


  9. I didn’t do much of anything on the 4th, either. I wanted to…but I’m kinda lacking in the motivation department lately. For New Year’s surrounding neighborhoods had some great fireworks, so I was excited to see what all would light up the sky for the 4th. It was the crappiest display of American patriotism I’ve ever seen. I was disappointed. Thankfully, the sad stash they had was all shot off that night. Happy reading!

  10. Yeah when fireworks are involved some people just get carried away. Have a great week!

  11. I am happy to say that there was not much activity in the way of firecrackers in my neighborhood. I am sorry to see Lucky in Love didn’t work for you. It was my favorite West book, but I still liked it. I will be interested to see your review.

  12. We stayed home this year for the 4th and living in CA we didn’t do any fireworks. Have a great week and happy reading!

  13. I am not a fan of all of the fireworks either. They shoot them off for weeks around here and at all hours. I am so over it. Have a great week!

  14. I feel you on the fireworks. Ugh. They don’t necessarily bother me but I do find them annoying after a bit. My neighbors didn’t start as early as your did but they sure went late into the night on the 4th. I just recently picked up Beauty and the Beast, too, and I’m so ready for a re-watch. I only saw it once at the theater so I’m ready to experience it again. Oh boy, surprised to see the two stars for Lucky in Love. I plan on starting it very soon.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  15. The same here in our neighborhood. I like the 4th but I admit, the late night fireworks going off all through the few weeks leading up to it and even after, do get very old.

    Did you like the new Beauty and the Beast movie? I was all prepared to not love it and I actually really liked it! I think I even want to watch it again. 😉

  16. oh I hear ya about the fireworks, in my area where I live, they are pretty strict on fireworks so thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

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