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About Book Munchies:

Originally Book Munchies was just Kim’s blog. But as she talked it over with Ali, the idea caught on. Rather than having two separate blogs (foolishness really), the pair decided it would be more fun to blog together. Thus Book Munchies came into existence in February 5, 2011. Though, it wasn’t until October of 2011 that the pair decided to switch to self-hosting. Sadly, Ali departed around the winter of 2011-12, leaving Kim desolate, alone and drowning in books and homework. With the end of her college career, Kim came back with more happiness, books and joy for all. (June 1, 2012 for any curious cats out there.) And she didn’t come back alone! She brought on a new review partner, the ever wonderful Cyn! With the new year of 2016, Kim decided to permanently step down (read: lurk in the background, working on back end stuff) and hand the reins over to Cyn who had flourished in the book blogging realm. So with trepidation and excitement, Cyn and Jackie tackled the next chapter of Book Munchies head on.

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About Cyn:

noun. a bum  a student again. A master’s student…oooh. procrastinator. reader. eater. sleeper. music listen-er. movie go-er.
Lives in the centre province of Canada (also likes to spell things the Canadian way which includes throwing in “u”s and changer “er” to “re” sometimes). Really likes Adventure Time among a bunch of other stuff that includes an assortment of period dramas, super hero movies and romcoms. Loves food too much.

Find Cyn @ Goodreads; Twitter… actually just find me at the Bookmunchies twitter (:

About Jackie:

Her love for YA fiction started back in high school with The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot and This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. When not reading she could be found watching Japanese dramas,  at the bookstore doing some book shopping, or shelving away books at her part-time job in the library. Her dream is to take over the world with her pen, but that’s a far off dream.

Contributing Reviewers:

Kim: The founder of Book Munchies! She unfortunately got too busy trying to balance her full time job, her side job at a bookstore, and social life to blog all about her really excellent reads. She might still pop up from time to time, but if not she can be found on InstagramGoodreadsher personal twitter, or the Blue Bunny’s twitter.

Jen: Kim’s friend from her Barnes and Noble days! Together , they’re a bookselling duo of awesome! Like the Dynamic Duo except better.

Past Reviewers:

Ali: The occasional contributor to BM. She’s a mystery we’ll likely never figure out.

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